Department of Urology of the Tashkent Medical Academy was established in 1931.

The founder of the department – professor Nikolai Semenovich Pereshivkin (1881-1933gg.) Famous scientist surgeon, urologist, a disciple of the founder of the Russian urology S.P.Fedorova. Arriving from Moscow to Tashkent in 1920, he became one of the organizers of the Medical Faculty of SAGA. He is in charge of the Department of Surgery, in 1923, for the first time allocated beds for urological patients, thus initiating the urological care in Central Asia. Under the guidance of prof. N.S.Pereshivkina scientific activities of the department are focused on the study of regional pathology stone disease and its prevalence. At the N.S.Pereshivkinym working professionals like D.A.Vvedensky, V.A.Dobrohotov, E.A.Frakman, S.M.Igron and others. Many of them in the years to become the heads of departments of urological care in the country .

Since 1933 to 1954 the Department of Urology TashMI led by Professor Dmitri Vvedensky (1887-1956gg.) – Honoured Worker of Science of Uzbekistan. Professor D.A.Vvedensky made a great contribution to the development of a number of issues of clinical urology and surgery of the urinary system, it was one of the first advocates of simultaneous surgical removal of stones in urolithiasis plural. They are designed with questions at dvulohanochnyh kidney nephrectomy. He is the author of about 40 scientific papers. Vvedensky was the first chairman of the Society of Urology in Uzbekistan.

During his stay at the front D.A.Vvedenskogo from 1943 to 1945 headed the Department of Urology Associate Professor Eleozar Abramovich Frakman (1894-1961gg). They are designed with questions of treatment of gunshot injuries the posterior urethra, and the treatment of gonorrhea and its complications in men.

In the course of the years 1955-1963 at the Department of Urology faculty surgery of the medical faculty in charge of the Tashkent State Medical Institute Professor Ivan Panteleimonovich Pogorelko (1917-1964gg.). He made a great contribution to the development of urological care in Uzbekistan. He published about 70 scientific papers, mostly dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tuberculosis and surgical treatment of kidney stones using intermuscular access to the upper urinary tract. In 1957- 1963, he led the Republican Society of Urology.

In 1964-1978 GG Head. rate of Urology at the Department of Surgery Medical Faculty was the Tashkent State Medical Institute professor Tatyana Pozdnyakov (1920). She has published 54 scientific papers on the issues of simultaneous surgery in multiseater urolithiasis, as well as on in vivo disintegration and dissolution of urinary stones. In 1971 g.on was elected head of the department of urology Tashkent State Medical Institute.

In 1978, the department was headed by Professor Dmitry L. Arustamov (1942) – author of over 250 scientific works, 2 monographs, 3 scientific journals, 7 guidelines, 9 copyright certificates for inventions dealing with issues of organ and tissue transplantation, diagnosis and treatment of urolithiasis, uro-oncology and andrology. D.L.Arustamov prepared 9 doctors and 45 candidates of medical sciences, is the honored worker of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the winner of the Prize. Abu Rayhan Beruni and Order “Dustlik”, deputy chairman of the Republican Scientific Society of Urologists, the editor of the collection of scientific works “Actual problems of urology and nephrology.”


I-ТошДавТИ урология кафедраси мудири (1991-2005йй)
профессор, тиббиёт фанлари доктори
Мирсаматов Миркамол Мирсаматович

2007 йилдан бошлаб урология кафедрасига тиббиёт фанлари доктори, профессор Фарход Атауллаевич Акилов рахбарлик қилиб келмоқда. У 1955 йил 26 мартда Тошкент шаҳрида туғилган. 1978 йил ТошДавТИ даволаш факультетини тугатган, 1978-1980 йиллар клиник ординатурада, 1982-1985 йиллар аспирантурада таҳсил олган. 1986 йил номзодлик диссертациясини (Клинико-иммунологический анализ острой почечной недостаточности акушерской этиологии), 1994 йил докторлик диссертациясини (Комплексная диагностика и тактика лечения неспецифических воспалительных заболеваний почек) ҳимоя қилган. У 150 дан ортиқ илмий мақолалар муаллифи,  Республика урологлар илмий жамиятининг раиси ва “Меҳнат шухрати” ордени лауреатидир.

In 2007, the department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences Farhad Ataullaevich Akilov (1955.) – Author of over 150 scientific papers, the director of the Republican Specialized Center of Urology, the chairman of the Republican Scientific Society of Urologists.